Why does air conditioning have a bad odor when in use?

Today’s air conditioners have become one of the essential household appliances of every family. In the past, mua diều hòa cũ people used to be cooled by electric fans, but due to the effects of climate change, greenhouse effect, high urbanization rate …, summer temperatures are often high each month. Taking the new record, air conditioning is the best solution.

However, many cases call us complain that air conditioning when used has a foul odor not only create feelings of discomfort but also directly affect the health of users. So where does the smell of air conditioning come from and how to overcome it?

To thoroughly treat the odor from the harmonic emitters you must correctly identify the cause of the odor. The treatment of each case is as follows:

1. Due to molds:

It can be said that this is the main cause of the odor from the air conditioner

Normally, you only use the air conditioner in the summer after that to maintain air conditioning for no other season. While using dirt accumulation in the machine, then encounter the wet environment will make the bacteria, mold grow. When you reuse it will then detect odor, dampness radiates very unpleasant and toxic.

* How to fix: As soon as the smell of dust, mold you immediately clean, maintenance of the whole family conditioning. The maintenance must be done sequentially, full of positions as instructed or call the performer.

Also, in order not to repeat the case of odor, you should maintain regular air conditioning at least every 6 months.

2. Due to gas regulation: gas concentration is too high, you will find the smell is bad, this can regulate your home was leaked gas. If you are in a closed room and have a long gas leak, you may even have a headache, fainting due to poisoning.

* How to fix:

Inspect the whole gas supply system and find leaks for treatment, repair or replacement of piping.

3. Due to water from the discharge hose of the air conditioner: In the case of installation, the air conditioner has directly discharged the water from the air conditioner directly to your toilet waste water outlet, the odor will Vacuum back when you turn on the air conditioner.

* How to fix:

You need to redesign the waste water discharge of the air conditioning separately, separate from the waste water system of the toilet of the family.

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