3 things to know when installing the air conditioner

Air conditioning is a job that you can entrust to workers. But there are some things you have to know to ensure aesthetics, longevity of the machine as well as power consumption.

 Choose the location of the air conditioner

The indoor unit is air-conditioned so it will be installed near the family location. It is best to place in the center of the room, above, but not too close to the ceiling. Avoid placing in direct sunlight in or near the window, the main door or the corridors, corridors … are causing waste of heat at the same time cool, cold will cause air conditioning to sweat and water.

Choose the location where the wind blows along the room to ensure that the air is uniformly spread

Outdoor units are usually located outside the room for heat dissipation. It is best to place the corner. Do not place in the middle of the wall because it will cause noise.

Avoid sunny, windy, dusty areas … avoid affecting longevity, performance of air conditioning.

Pay attention to the hot lacquer, drill into the concrete because it is quite heavy.

The best distance between the wall and the outdoor unit is 60 cm or more.

The indoor unit should be mounted higher than the outdoor unit so oil can be returned to the vortex easily to ensure the durability of the machine.

 Arrange room

When installing air conditioning in any room should pay attention to the location of furniture. Avoid placing large items such as cabinets, shelves that obscure the machine to obstruct the source of the cold. Also, if you can not put too many items in the room will reduce the effectiveness of cooling because of the absorbed, obscured.

Thanks to the professional to the air conditioning

Actually most of us do not have enough knowledge and experience to install the air conditioner. Therefore, to ensure the safety and efficiency you should hire experienced professionals. To them all the knowledge mentioned above was very familiar. Moreover, the process of assembly is fast, with few errors and certainty. In addition, when needed they also advise reasonable opinions for customers.

Proper air conditioning will affect many factors such as operating power, durability of the machine and help the maintenance of sanitary facilities. Also help to save electricity effectively.

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