Air conditioner installer in Hanoi

The market of air conditioners is very potential because of the real demand of families, schools, trade centers … is very large. Especially when the summer has come along with the sultry sunny days causing fatigue and discomfort, mua dieu hoa cu more and more people look to the units installed air conditioning.

Installation of air conditioning in Bach Khoa Refrigeration

Refrigeration Encyclopedia is a prestigious address specializing in air conditioning installation in the city of Hanoi is chosen by many people. We are equipped with modern equipment and skilled staff, enthusiastic will bring the service of quality air conditioning. The center is committed to installation in a timely manner to ensure the satisfaction of every customer.

Has many years experience in the field of air conditioning, refrigeration technology to understand the equipment to operate well need skilled workers. Therefore, the center recruited many talented employees. Our staff always try to improve their skills through intensive training sessions. Customer service attitude is enthusiastic and thoughtful of the center is also a plus point of the Center of Refrigeration Technology increasingly customers trust.

Coming to the customer center will receive:

– Consultant to choose air conditioner

– Provide genuine parts and components

– Installation of air conditioning

– 1 year warranty

– Cheap quote and VAT invoice

Process of installing air conditioners at Bach Khoa Refrigeration

– Receiving customers

– Schedule air conditioning installation

– Employees come to the house to survey, listen to the wishes of the landlord and offer installation plans

– Issue a construction price quote after the customer agrees with the installation plan of the air conditioner

– After the customer agrees to the quotation, the technician embarks on the installation

– Give customers vouchers and incentives when buying additional components at the center. The warranty period is as follows:

+ For technical installation warranty period is 1 year

For air conditioner equipment, the warranty period is the same as the time the manufacturer announces

– Write a bill

The above is the process of installing air conditioning in the Refrigeration Technology. When there is a need for installation as well as maintenance of air conditioning, please immediately contact Bach Khoa Refrigeration. Without sacrificing your trust, we will serve with all the dedication and responsibility to bring fresh and cool living space.