How to clean wall mounted air conditioner

Are you wondering how to open and clean the air conditioning unit hanging in the room? It is recommended to clean the air heater regularly, if the filter and filter inside the dirt can make the air conditioner work more than normal, more power loss, reduce the life of the machine. In addition, it can reduce the air quality and negatively affect the health of the user when the air blows back to the room carrying both the dirt.

Here is how to clean the indoor air conditioner, you can refer to:

1. Put a large garbage bag under the wall adjacent to the air conditioner to catch water or dirt falls.

2. Disconnect the power supply to the indoor mua dieu hoa cu an phuc unit by turning off the power supply or electrical switch.

3. Carefully open and lift the front faceplate upright, or hold it with one hand. When opening, there may be pins on each side of the main panel, unpin or push them to open.

4. Pull the filter plate down to sanitize downwards. Be careful when removing the air filter so that it will not tear or damage.

5. Wash the membrane under warm soapy water / mild detergent until it is clean, dry. Note that some filters are not directly exposed to sunlight.

6. Use a small brush to sweep, then vacuum the suction coils behind the main panel and the blades behind the fan control panel. Do not bend any windings when cleaning.

7. After cleaning the filter part, use a specialized cleaning solution, a booster pump to wash the components in the indoor unit.

Wait 20-30 minutes for the cooler to dry, ensuring that all dirt and dust are gone.

9. To prevent mold invasions, you can also spray this specialized solution on the air conditioning unit.

10. When the filter and the inside of the air conditioner are completely dry, slide the filter cartridge back into its original position.

11. Close the front panel of the indoor unit and switch on the circuit breaker.

Turn on the air conditioning unit and check to make sure it is working properly.

Note: These complete steps to clean the indoor air conditioning unit should be done every two weeks to keep the unit operating at optimum performance. However, cleaning every 2 weeks takes a lot of time. So, if you do not have the time, remember to at least clean the air filter. For details, try cleaning as soon as possible.

The steps described above for cleaning the air conditioning unit are applicable to all manufacturers (Daewoo, Daikin, GREE, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung). What if you need help maintaining a home air conditioner or repairing household appliances? Please call to hotline 0975159046 so that we can fully support