The answer should ask what air conditioning is good

Heat season hot demand using air conditioning spike. The market is very diverse products that make consumers anxious not know what kind of good, which kind of suitable. Here are some tips on choosing which air conditioner to choose.

Some things to keep in mind before choosing to install the air conditioner

Any type of air conditioner should be easy to choose, not only to choose the product of the brand to ensure durability, save power but also many other factors include:

– User area of ??the room

You need to choose a machine that matches the area of ??the room to ensure the ability to cool. The small capacity of the machine is not enough to cool but the large capacity also causes waste. Here are some suggestions

Rooms with an area of ??less than 15 m2 of suitable capacity of 9,000 BTU (1 HP or 1 horse).

The unit will have an area of ??approximately 16-20 m2: the appropriate capacity will be 12,000 BTU (1.5 HP).

The room will have an area of ??approximately 21-30 m2: the appropriate capacity will be 1800 BTU (2 HP or 2 horses).

The unit will have an area of ??approximately 31-40 m2: Appropriate capacity will be 2400 BTU (2.5 HP).

– Cost you can spend

The price of air-conditioners now fluctuate from several million to several tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. You can choose from three main segments:

The low price range of 3-5 million units has a number of functions that are relatively suitable for those with limited budgets.

Segment 5-10 million: popular segment is chosen by many people because of good performance and full function.

Segment of more than 10 million: high-grade products suitable for families with economic conditions.

You also need to consider this factor.

– Objects to use: There are two types of air conditioning is one-way air conditioning and two-way air conditioning. One-way air conditioning only has cooling effect. This type of air conditioner is preferred in the south than it is in the hot weather year round.

2-way radiator mua dieu hoa cu works both in summer and in warm winter. This type of air conditioning is suitable for use in families with older people and children and is preferred by northerners.

 You should also prioritize the air conditioning with inverter technology to save electricity and good linen

 Some popular air conditioners you can refer to:

-Monitoring Mitsubishi

– Air Conditioner Sanyo

Sharp Air Conditioning

Reetech Air Conditioning

– LG Air Conditioner

– Air conditioning Daikin

Panasonic Air Conditioning

– Toshiba flower thing

Samsung Air Conditioning

– Midea Air Conditioner

The above is some knowledge needed when choosing to install air conditioner. Hope the article will be useful for you