Why do Cats Bury Their Poop?

Well, talking about different cat behavior, have you ever noticed your cat burying her poop in the litter box? If you have seen that, you might often be perplexed as to why she’s behaving this way. However, unlike us, everything that a cat does holds a certain meaning. You just need to dig deeper to know the reason. Therefore, here we’re going to unfold the co-relation of cats and the reason behind their behavior of burying their poop.

History of Cats Burying Their Poop

We, ormekur til kat uden recept humans, have words and papers and much other stuff to mark our territory on the people we love or the place we owe. But, you know what; it is way easier for cats to do that. The act of burying their feces comes from a long history of cats as they use their urine and feces to mark their territory. There’s a unique chemical scent marker called pheromones that are present in the cat’s urine and feces through which cats can identify their waste apart from other cats.

But, the matter of fact is that not all cats bury their poop. Large cat species such as lions, tigers, jaguars, and leopards usually don’t bury their poop. Smaller or more submissive cats tend to bury their feces as they believe themselves to be dominant cats and to ensure that dominant cats do not feel challenged.

Why Do Cats Bury Their Poop?

Cats are very fastidious creatures; they like to keep themselves as well as the environment clean. Hiding their feces is a natural feline instinct, but that doesn’t mean it’s just due to their obsession with cleanliness. As history says, cats use their waste to mark their territory, so we need to know why they do that, especially the domestic cats. If you see your cat burying her poop in the litter box, that’s because she recognizes you as the dominant cat of the house. Though there are no predators in your house, your cat may not be sure and bury their poop just in case.

What If Your Cat Stops Burying Their Poop?

It isn’t mandatory that all the domestic cats may bury their poop. There are cats that don’t do it, and it clearly indicates that this is their territory. If your cat buries her feces in the litter box or in the garden, which means they are acknowledging that you are the dominant animal and they don’t want to upset you. However, if your cat suddenly stops burying her poop, there are chances that she may be suffering from a medical condition such as gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, or urinary tract. Moreover, it all depends on the cat’s temperament or whether they have or haven’t learned to bury their waste from their mums. Though domestic cats often do what they wish to when it comes to burying their poop.

So here is the reason for the most asked question. I hope you’ve got your answer to why your feline friend is doing this act of burying its own poop. If there are any such unanswered questions in your mind, please comment below.

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