Wonder Girls, Korean Girls Band With ‚Nobody‘ Hits

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Alexandr Balandin, SR: Very smooth forward swinging skills to begin — double front pike, double front tuck. Planche. Front double pike go to study abroad in korea with a fairly big hop. 14.433.

Marine Petit, BB: Jump to weighing machine. Front aerial. Back tuck. Full turn with leg up. Bhs, layout. Side aerial, hover near. Side somie. Switch half, wolf. three.5 twist with a step to the side. A fine if unexceptional tedious.

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Anna Dementyeva, BB: Công ty du học MAP The photographers are all placed and ready for which. They know a photogenic gymnast once they see unique. Roll on mount. Illusion, good. Switch ring, end up being fight in which to stay on. It didn’t seem like she was all that off, but hey.Onodi to sheep, appealing. Front aerial, switch, a little choppy. Great roundoff, layout to two feet. Springs. Side aerial. Roundoff, bhs, triple Korean study and study abroad inclusive! Really 2 7/8 around, but so good. Took a step on the landing, but considerably better than in podium instruction.

Enrico Pozzo, HB: Break on an easy hop official. Strange catch on his Yamawaki caused him all types problems, and i can’t quite figure out if he meant to find it prefer this or not — it like he did a Yamawaki and added a half twist.rough routine for Pozzo.

Epke Zonderland, HB: Deep in conversation with his coach before event.Cassina.Kolman.stalder just one.5 but legs come apart and a bit messy. Tak to Yamawaki, hop 10.5, hop full, double double basically stuck (he actually moved one foot, but it looked like he was putting them together). A exciting though not the cleanest routine he’s applied.