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I know that GTA has always been meant to be more foot loose and fancy free, and classically most of the cool, special cars were one-use items that you couldn’t keep forever. He has the car, the phone – the cops confirm with him his awareness that those items are part of a plan to commit murder, etc. the cops suspect he’s more involved. He’s a coconspirator to Hae’s murder. Why is Jay calling the house he’s sitting in, right? Here’s how we know: Jay says he gets to Best Buy and Adnan is there but „Hae is not with him.“ Why would Jay mention that? Once made your own, you can insure it so that it will be fully repaired to previous condition if it ever gets destroyed, for a small insurance premium fee. Once discovered, a marker gets placed on the map and you can return with equipment to extract the vehicle. You’ll need to return here with a tow truck or some other vehicle capable of pulling the vehicle out of the building.

I never really thought about it until I read it here. Here are my ideas. Until the manufacturer has released photos of the new design to the press, these vehicles are covered in a weird sort of camouflage mesh that obscures the Auto Body Shop Brooklyn lines and fine details. I though it would be really cool if, in GTA VI, you might occasionally find one of these manufacturer prototypes „in the wild“. Manufacturer Prototypes: I live in Michigan, and very frequently I see not-yet-released automobiles being driven around by engineers to test them out and work out bugs/flaws/QoL issues. If anything, Daniel was standing his ground after being attacked with a vehicle. If you’re expect him to kill her, you’d expect her to not be standing with him at the payphone, right? Stealing the car brazenly (ripping the driver out, for example) will get right to the action as the cops will be called instantly, but depending on the situation this may not make a difference.

The cars do NOT despawn once the player enters them, so you can steal it, hide it somewhere, then ditch the cops and come back for it later. They will pay a good price for the car, but you’ll never get it back. Keep up the good work. Or perhaps even Mad Max, which had a similar idea – special, unique cars dotted around the map which required some work to obtain but then were permanently added to your fleet. Camouflaged Vehicles will occasionally spawn in random places on the map. This will be an automatic action – drive into the corona, short cut scene shows the vehicle being pulled out, and then you’ll be able to freely tow the vehicle where-ever you want it to go. You still need to find a place to stash the car without being seen. A „Barn Find“ can be discovered through exploration. You can also deliver the car to the docks to be shipped overseas to a foreign automaker who will reverse engineer it. Once access has been created to the vehicle, a „mission trigger“ corona appears near the doorway where the car will be extracted from. Assuming Rockstar finds a way to implement flat-beds, that would be the ideal way to transport the car – damage incurred during transportation will only increase the cost of fixing it up.

To the cops, Jay lies all the way through to minimize his involvement – he says he learns the day of the murder, but then he later says it was the day before. Rockstar could bring back the rare/unique car aspect in a bigger way than ever with GTA VI, taking direct inspiration from RDR2. We always presume that if we run back to our comfort zone then we will be safe. If you live in a dusty area then you should replace them frequently. At a minimum, I really need someone with experience that can spend an hour making sure I have the materials I need, show me the steps on a small area and then say „now do the whole thing“. The day came to pick up the car, but due to personal time constraints Romel did not have the time to detail the car, which I was completely fine with.

I sound like a Roman back in the day! Robbie—the guy that used to go ahead to the hotels in every city—he’d get there the day before and get the hotel rooms set up; I never knew Prince carried weights around with him. If you haven’t pierced your ears already you should visit your local piercing shop and get normal, 20g to 18g, piercings. 500 in your pocket if you need money that badly), you can sell it as-is to whomever the car-buyer in GTA VI ends up being, or you can take it to ANY shop and pay to have it fixed up. Jay is already in position near enough to school and Best Buy and the Library and the auto shop. He knows this is his signal to get into position. I think a lot of digital ink has been spilled over debunking the idea that the 2:36 call to the cell was the „Come And Get Me Call“ (CAGMC).