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There has been observe using WordPress beyond the everyday blog set-up, into the realms of a full-fledged content management system or CMS. Yet, the general public haven’t any plan how this is often even potential.

I have to fret that the default WordPress software package is intended to be a blogging tool, therefore if you’re attempting to create it work sort of a completely different type of content management tool you’ll need to use the correct plugins (enhancements) and have the a transparent plan of what you want to attain.

While the precise step-by-step methodology is out of the scope of this text, lets explore a number of the ways in which you’ll use WordPress, as I actually have in person done before.

1) WordPress as an article Directory

To make WordPress work as an editorial directory, you’ll would like a special plugin, and a supply for the articles. MyArticleMarketer.com is the excellent tool for this, because the articles there are typically human-approved. They conjointly encourage free distribution of their articles to other article sites.

After you have got set-up the WordPress Oxygen Plugin WordPress Download, you need to sign-up for Article Marketer’s listing. By filling in their form and specifying the classes (or opt for all categories), you automatically qualify to receive all recent and new articles that are submitted to MyArticleMarketer.com

However, with WordPress as a commentary directory, you’ll solely be able to receive syndicated articles. Authors won’t be able to sign-up or produce Associate in Nursing account directly with you. It’s additionally against MyArticleMarketer.com’s terms or service to encourage authors to sign-up directly with you.

2) WordPress as a Membership website

You can set-up a free or paid membership web site victimisation WordPress. All it takes may be a few easy plugins to induce the duty done. Once you’ve put in the plugins, members can need to login to your website in order to view the content. you can also place a login form in your WordPress theme files to form it simple for users to lo in and out of your membership web site.

However, the plugins solely create a straightforward membership system, therefore if you’re wanting to make different membership levels and a lot of advanced options, you’d probably want to sign-up with an expert membership system like AmemberPro.net and use their available plugins to ingrate with WordPress.

At the time of writing, AmemberPro.net has out there plugins for a reasonable price and these are put in by their support team, therefore you don’t need to worry regarding the technical setbacks.

3) WordPress as a advertisements System

WordPress can work like several different classifieds website too. Users can sign-up on your site and place classifieds in the variety of new journal posts. they will even set expiry dates for their ads and specify listings or „wanted“ ads.

However, you may got to create all the required categories and even create a sign-up info page to show your users how to place ads. The side of exploitation WordPress as a classifieds web site is that you may also use tagging tactics to urge traffic from social bookmarking sites and sites like Technorati.com

4) WordPress as an Audio / Video training website

Using the membership plugins mentioned on top of or AmemberPro.net’s WordPress compatibility plugins, you can produce a membership website with WordPress. Then, all you wish to try and do is to feature the „Podpress“ plugin that takes care of all audio and video components on your web site.

You will be able to show and stream MP3 audio or FLV video mistreatment their integral players. The Podpress plugin is absolutely robust and additionally permits you to specify setting on iTunes, so you’ll build this commercially and offered to the complete iPod / iTunes community.

As you’ll see by currently, there’s a whole lot of possibilities when it comes to using WordPress to the extreme.

I’ve created an entire video training system to help newbies and advanced marketers alike master WordPress. Yet, every day brings new possibilities to using WordPress as a complex CMS instead of the modest blogging tool it was designed to be!