Spears‘ new puppy pooped on a $6,700 Zac Posen gown

Thousands of dollars worth of clothes were stolen, the star’s dog left a smelly present on a designer gown, 전주 마사지 the singer openly used the bathroom in front of the crew and later stormed out for no apparent reason.

All the madness began when the magazine says they were contacted by Spears‘ assistant, Shannon Funk, about an exclusive interview. The call came as the singer was frolicking around at the beach in her underpants within clear view of paparazzi — the shots were later splashed all over the tabloids.

On July 19, the day of the shoot, Spears showed up late and insisted that her friends do her hair and makeup instead of the crew hired by the magazine. But the magazine’s editor-in-chief stepped in and had the team reinstated.

The shoot was further delayed when the pop star insisted that Janet Jackson’s „Rhythm Nation“ be played during the shoot, „prompting a scramble to the singer’s Mercedes-Benz,“ according to OK!

But things went from bad to worse, the magazine says. Spears‘ new puppy pooped on a $6,700 Zac Posen gown.

„Neither Britney or her assistant bothered to clean it up until the coordinator demanded it be taken care of, and Funk scooped up the mess with a tissue,“ the magazine says.

During the two-hour debacle, the magazine says Spears used the latrine repeatedly without closing the door. One time she even brought her assistant in with her.

„When she emerged, Britney seemed disoriented,“ the magazine says. „And while her behavior had been strange earlier in the day, it was now even more erratic.“

Almost out of the blue, says the magazine, the pop star stormed out of the photo shoot, „her puzzled bodyguard and gaggle of girls in tow.“ Dozens of paparazzi snapped away as she climbed into her Mercedes.

She didn’t return, and neither did the clothes, the magazine says. Spears walked off with $950 Lanvin heels, a $300 Mia Vita dress, an $87 gold bangle, and a diamond-encrusted Kaviar and Kind cougar ring, worth $6,387.

Left damaged were a pair of Marni shoes, valued at $595. The magazine says that Funk made out with shorts and a tank top and was caught trying to nab a dress.

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