Text To Speech In Mac OSX

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Live reloads on the peer-to-peer Web with DAT And Beaker Browser on VimeoFor all who are following the news Donald Trump is insulting loads af American politician.

The American folks assume that they are left in the dead of night as a result of they won’t be insulted so time.com made a Donald Trump insult generator. Give in your identify and a custom insult tweet shall be made.

I seek for a voice generator for insults by Donald Trump however that does not exists.

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I haven’t the skills text to speech online – http://www.1337h4x0rz.com, make one thing like that but I think who ever will make some cartoonies app with the voice from Donald Trump and after give in your identify you’ll get a private voice insult from Donald Trump will get plenty of attention and links. Also a share button to faebook twitter ect for the results.

Who can do that or will make something like this. It must be very quickly due to the eye it receives now.