Attending A Korean Basketball League Game

Samir Ait Said, SR: A strong routine from another rings specialist that rebounding from injury.Nice positions, and full twisting double layout using a small hop to result. Loudest applause of your day so far. 15.333.

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Sui Lu, FX: „Scent of a woman,“ Whip to triple full, landed chest a bit low, no stag jump out of computer. 2.5 to front layout, good. Good double turn with leg up. Really putting effort and feeling inot her flow. 1.5 to front layout full, lands basically on her bottom, her very strong quads save her from completely sitting yourself down go to study abroad in korea . Switch ring, switch side half? Memmel turn. Double pike to end, good ending. Still, if the bunch hits, can be a enough deductions there, basically from that third pass, to keep her the finals.

Thomas Bouhail, FX: Cash cheers for your World vault champ, Trung tâm du học MAP which also predominant here. Front double full to front layout 50 %. Easy looking double double put study abroad in korea ou norman . Whip to tucked Thomas, OOB. Oops. first.5 to front tuck full. Layout Thomas. Flairs to the Alexei Nemov breakdance switch the arms. Crowd thinks consume mistake and the just got tired and went onto his elbows — sounds of letdown. 2.5 twist to get rid of. Less strong than I’d have thought, frankly, however it is not horrible or anything. 25.066.

Yu-Na Kim is the reigning world champion as well as the first ever world champ from Center for Korean study abroad advice. She has been so dominant this year that inside Skate American competition she won by 13 points over American Rachael Flatt despite her poorest showing in 4 years on the Grand Prix circuit on the subject of of certain performance. Will the pressure get to her in Vancouver? With two Japanese skaters concentrating on her crown, she will have to remain poised and show exciting world of why is actually a champ.

Lauren Mitchell, FX: Whip to Arabian double front, not enough rotation and really, really fights to sit down, taking substantial deduction while doing so, but she does remain her arches. Save of the day! Full in pike, step forwards. Sit spin. 2.5 to front layout. Switch ring to Tourjete full. Nice double pike to run out. Well, she really went for hard things, realizing that she needs to test that whip Arabian double out relating to the podium.

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