How do you pet your pet tree? –

A pet tree is a key chain.

Where is the treasure in pet pet park?

at the tree at the left

When is webkinz pet of the month going to be a red eyed tree frog?

You never know what the pet of the month is. If you have already adopted the red eyed tree frog, when it is the pet of the month it will not work because you need to adopt the pet of the month in the month that it is pet of the month.

How do you get a pet in a pet tree?

You put something they might like on the branch or they go Naturally

What is Amelia Earhart’s favorite pet?

Her favorite pet was a palm tree! :)) Yeah, you don’t get it. :)) 3

What was Amelia Earhart’s favorite pet?

Her favorite pet was a palm tree! ((: Yeah, you didn’t get it!! ((: 3

How can mages have a pet?

A: You have to have a certain talent in the frost talent tree that allwos the summoning of an elemental ‚pet‘ however its temporary

Where is the crafting tree in pet-pet park?

The Crafting Tree is in the very left hand corner of the PetPet Park Map (Squippet Hollow). It is located at the bottom below the Knight’s Keep.

When will the webkinz Tree Frog be the pet of the month?

The answer in June 2010

What type of frog makes the best pet?

Tree frog or 고양이교배 a red bellied toad. You can either at any pet store.

How do you get a pet in harvest moon tree of tranquility?

you can adopt a pet in brownie ranch at the first house you see but the cost aloud

How do you get Cyodrake Temple Defender Crafter?

You have to be come a member and buy it at the pet pet park mall then take it to the crafting tree.

Where is the pet store in Animal Jam?

the pet store is in appondale where that abandoned tree house thing was.i hope this helps:)

What are wraithberries in pet pet park?

they r on a bush or tree in the vilage and they a little berries and on moshi monsters if have it add me karnold478

Are whites tree frogs good as pets?

EXTREMELY ! i have an australlian whites tree frog named string bean nd he is a good pet . the only bad part is that they are not good for kids because they are not one to pet

Which stores in London have canaries for sale?

There is one pet store in particular that sells canaries in London. This pet store is called Gum Tree. Most canaries at Gum Tree will sell for approximately 30 pounds.

How do you prevent apple tree from birds?

cover it with a net or get a pet hawk

Where can you buy tree frog tadpoles?


Are American Green Tree Frogs poisonous?

no they are not poisoness i have one for a pet.

Can you have a squirrel for a pet?

yes you can, i have had a squirrel for a pet. it will sometimes mess up your Christmas tree and if you have dogs don’t let the squirrel out when he or she is around.

What frog is the best as a pet?

the best type of frog as a pet is a green tree frog because it is the only type of frog you can touch

How do you get a minotaur pet in wizard101?

you get it by the the tree of life i heard people who got it and the tree of life is a boss with 8,000 or 9,000 life and its at mooshu

Is plant life found in a local park safe for a pet tree frog?

ONLY if the tree frog came from the same place !

Other than presents what might you find under a Christmas tree?

Tree skirt, Fallen ornaments, train, needles, pet

What would you find under a Christmas tree other than presents?

tree skirt, pet, train, fallen ornaments, needles

Can you put fully grown trees in plant pots on pet society?

No..if you pulled out the fully grown tree it will be permanently deleted.Hopefully Pet Society will eventually let us move the tree around.Just keep your fingers and toes cross.

Can you own a sloth for a pet in Tennessee?

How long does it take a sloth from a tree to another?

What webkinz pets are for the tree top room?

A flying pet such as a bird or bat.

What kind of frog or toad makes a good pet?

Pacman frogs. Another opinion: Pacman frogs are the worst type of pet frog, along with bullfrogs and pixie frogs. Get a green tree frog, White’s tree frog, African Dwarf Frog, and any type of tree frog. They are the best!

What are some crafting tree recipes in pet pet park?

Petpet Park is a virtual park filled with animals that children can play online. To get a Crafting Tree Recipe, you need to visit the Crafting Tree in Sqippit Hollow in the game, where you can learn to combine materials to make craft items you need in the game.

Where can you get a pet tree in animal jam?

If you find all the things in the journey book in the place where they have a tree that you can buy pets. i don’t remember what its called.

Where is the animal jam pet store?

The pet store is inside the big tree in Appondale.You can buy cats, dogs, ducks,and frogs if you are an A.J. member.

What can you put with a big eyed tree frog?

The pet shop where i got my big eye housed whites tree frogs with the Big Eyed tree frogs, so you could probably put whites tree frogs with them.

What type of tree has seven letters?

Willow, also the name of my girlfriends pet dog.

What is a coin fruit on pet party?

it is when you click a tree that is clickable (able to click) and you get money

How do you get to your garden on pet party?

On your house icon there is a fence and a tree, click on it and it will take you to your garden.

How do you catch small bugs for pacific tree frog?

just go to the pet shop.

How did suweon tree frog get to Washington state?

it was probably a pet.. or it traveled by boat or something..

Where is the pet shop in animal jam?

It is in the tree in Appondale. Its called ‚Claws ’n‘ Paws‘

What kind of insects do a green tree frog eat?

Green Tree frogs eat crickets and 강아지 피부병 grasshoppers. You can get some from pet smart or 고양이 품종 even your backyard. 😀

What are the ratings and certificates for North by North Carolina The Incredible Quest to Find Terrance Pet-A-Tree – 2011?

North by North Carolina The Incredible Quest to Find Terrance Pet-A-Tree – 2011 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R (DVD rating)

Where is the giraffe hidden on Barbie girls?

In the tree house near the pet shop and mini game

Are red eyed tree frogs dangerous to human Why?

no they can easily be kept as a pet with a required license

How do you get a webkinz caring valley tree?

You need to adopt a webkinz pet with a caring valley tag on it.

What two animals make the bullfrog in tap pet shop?

English bulldog and tree frog

How do you get a tree frog on pet shop story?

by buying 20 trees and 1 fish tank

How do you breed a bullfrog on pet shop story world games?

Bull dog and tree frog

Can you keep a green tree frog as a pet?

Yes. I just bought my children one, and they love it.

How do you steal a bin pet on binweevils?

What you do is if you have a freind that has a bin pet make them treat the pet badly then you go to there tree in a week so make them treat it bad for a week and when you go back to the nest in a week press the binweevil then it will be yourse

What pet would you be and why?

I would be a sugar glider.Sugar gliders are super cute it would be cool to glide from tree to tree and can you imagine if you could see in the dark.Sugar gliders are the best pets and to be well even though we don’t normally have them as pets it would be lovely to have a sugar glider as a pet.

How do you get an animal to be your pet on harvest moon tree of tranquility?

You give the animal you like gifts and talk to them everyday. At four stars they’ll being you a gift, at six they can become your pet


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