What is the silliest song? – Answers.com

The silliest song is the OBAMA song.

How do you use a word silliest in the sentence?

She was the silliest girl in the school.

How do you use silliest in a sentence?

The silliest thing I’ve ever seen is my cat trying to juggle water.

Is silliest a verb?

No; it’s an adjective, which is used to describe (usually) someone. Although I can’t find silliest but have heard people use it, try this: You are the silliest person I’ve ever met. Person is described by the adjective silliest. Definition of silly: weak-minded or lacking good sense; stupid or foolish

Is Kevin Jonas the silliest one?

NO!!!! Joe Jonas is the silliest one,although Kevin is super silly on their show JONAS !!!

What is the superlativest of silly?

I don’t know what superlativest is, but the superlative of silly is silliest. Such as superlativest is the silliest word on this webpage. Just my opinion, it may not be.

How do you spell sillyest?

silliest. There are two „i’s“.

Can you give me a silly sentence using the word we’re?

Probably the silliest sentence I ever heard was in song lyrics that go, „We’re off to see the Wizard–the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!“

What is the superlative for silly?

If becoming just a bit more silly, „sillier“; if by far the most silly, „silliest“. Sillier would be comparing two objects, silliest, multiple things.

Who asks the silliest questions about anamilism?

There are no stupid questions.

What is the silliest name on earth?

jimmithy Spongebob Squarepants

Who has the most awesome hat?

Its not really a question of who has the most awesome hat… its more who has the silliest hat because silly hats are awesome. So, what you really should be asking is who has the silliest hat. You get me drift.?

What are the release dates for Pinky Dinky Doo – 2006 Pinky’s Silliest Story – 2.42?

Pinky Dinky Doo – 2006 Pinky’s Silliest Story – 2.42 was released on: USA: 1 November 2008

What is the silliest reason you’ve been told off for?

The silliest reason I’ve been told off for is because of this: it was PE and we were doing high jump and I dolphin dived over the bar and got told off because it was ‚dangerous‘.

Did people in the middle ages believe in the Easter bunny?

no if they did that would be the silliest thing in the world!

Did Armstrong think the moon was made of cheese?

No. Astronauts are chosen from among the best, not the silliest.

What is the restroom called in London?

Toilet. Restroom must be the silliest euphemism ever invented.

Is Owen hart haunting the place he died?

This is has got be the silliest question I have ever seen, of course not!

Why does Mr Bennet call Kitty and Lydia two of the silliest girls in the country?

because they are very silly

How many brain cells do you lose when you sneeze?

none thats the silliest thing ive ever heard

Did 50cent sell his soul to the devil?

No, 50Cent did not sell his soul to the devil. This is one of the silliest questions on this whole site.

What Words have suffix -iest?

ugliest smelliest silliest funniest squishiest Ex: That is the funniest clown I have ever seen!

Which one is spelled correctly Sillyest biggest Sweettest Flattest?

Flattest is spelled correctly. The others are spelled: silliest, biggest and sweetest.

What book was the poem the silliest teacher in school from Darren sardelli?

Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie (and Other School Poem’s That Are Out of This World!)

How does a shape tell your personality?

That is one of the silliest things I have ever heard of ! How can a shape tell you about your personality ? What you do, and how you act (body language), tells a person about you.

Why do humans with a spirit of god find ways to hurt each other for the most silliest reasons?

It is human nature to feel delight in the suffering of others.

What 3 contanaints does the arctic touch?

You’ve spelt continents in the silliest way I’ve ever seen, but anyway, they are Europe, Asia and North America

What is the silliest monkey ever?

The proboscis monkey as i has an encephalization quotient (brain to body mass ratio adjusted for body mass) that is near the bottom.

What is a board game beginning with V 5 letters?

The most silliest game in he whole wide world that has: 5 letters in beginning with V the 4th letter is S is…….. MONOPOLY!

Who is the silliest person in the world?

It is impossible to give a factual answer because the question asks for an opinion,but a list of some pretty silly people can be given. Weird Al Monty Python(a group)

How many viruses are know to Microsoft?

probably one of the silliest question ever known to mankind. millions of viruses are created and hunted every week, how can you ask for specific numbers you noodle

What is 3.4 percent as a mixed number?

3.4% is less than 1 and so cannot be expressed a mixed number except, possibly, as 034/1000 , which must be the silliest way to write the number.

Many people say coca cola has the dark colour not from cramel but from sqaushed bugs is this true?

There are no squashed bugs in Coca-Cola. That has to be the silliest notion of all time. The coloring is from caramel and other ingredients.

If you have a girlfriend that you love with a passion you have never had b4 but you have lied to her a few times about stupid unimportant things how do you get her to trust you again?

You stop lying about even the silliest of things. A lie is still a lie, regardless of how small (or how white).

Had a dream of being pregnant?

that is the silliest question that i have ever seen on wikipedia y do u need 2 no this??? does any1 reely need 2 no this??? and 2 answer ur question… NO I HAVE NOT HAD ANY DREAMS OF BEING PREGNANT!!!! bi xxx

Are brownies tastier than Pop Tarts?

Yes Brownies are 6 times more scrumtittlyumptious. This has been proven by Sweedish elite food scientists. But most importantly, Gavin is always right and Elizabeth is the silliest of them all

Comparative degree of modest biggest widest funniest silliest cutest ripest deepest finest wisest stupidest?

more modest, bigger, wider, funnier, sillier, cuter, riper, 코인카지노쿠폰 – Read the Full Content, deeper, finer, wiser, stupider

How do you spell shyiest?

The correct spelling of the adjective is shyest (most shy). Many Y adjectives (and LY adverbs) change the Y to I when adding the suffix -est (happy – happiest, lonely – loneliest, silly – silliest) but not shy or sly.

Why didn’t the sons of liberty like the Stamp act?

The sons of liberty didn’t like the Stamp Act, because they were charged to have stamps for the silliest things. Like, they had to get a certain stamp to buy the newspaper, or a birth certificate… -the mysterious 7th grader

Why do horses have those things on there eyes?

Those things are called blinders. Horses are very high strung and they startle at some of the silliest things. When such a horse is in a race, or on the street, people put these blinders on to keep the horse from being scared in a new situation.

Is it true men are better with directions because of the iron on their noses?

No, that is possibly one of the silliest and most untrue statements ever. Men do not have any extra iron in their noses, the nose has nothing to do with directional sense, and men are no better than women when giving directions.

What rhymes with silliest?

depends do you want real orfake words fake: billiest cilliest dilliest filliest gilliest hilliest jilliest killiest lilliest milliest nilliest pilliest quilliest rilliest tilliest villiest williest xilliest yilliest zilliest real: NONE!!!

Which websites provide cheesy pick up lines?

There is a web site call joke4us that has a great amount of chessy pick up lines. They have from the sweetest line to the silliest one. Another site is Tumbir. This site has chessy pick up lines for any occasion.

What does comparative mean?

(of an adjective or adverb) expressing a higher degree of a quality, but not the highest possible (e.g., braver; more fiercely). Positive Comparative Superlative simple simpler simplest silly sillier silliest white whiter whitest clear clearer clearest easy easier easiest

Does McDonald’s ice cream contain pork fat?

McDonald’s shakes, frozen yogurt, and McFlurries are dairy products. They contain no pork fat (or feathers, or cow eyeballs, or styrofoam). thats the silliest thing ive heard dang ya people need a life especially everyone

What does the song that’s what you get by paramore mean?

i think it means when your in a relationship you let your heart win and when you do that it makes it harder to go on after you break up and you drowned out all your sense away with the sound of its beating ( in other words, you drowned out all sense and meaning) and after wards, you still try to hold on to the silliest things because you never learn and when you…

Do you have a lawsuit against makers of serequel if you overdosed on it?

Probably not, if you live anywhere with sensible courts. What harm has occurred as a result of the overdose? Who administered the drug? Dosages are usually stated plainly on packaging or on the accompanying literature. However, in some countries lawyers will take a case against anyone, on the silliest grounds.

What is ivory tower theorizing?

When a critic is accused of living in an ‚ivory tower‘ the suggestion is that he has lost touch with reality – that he doesn’t know what the real world is like. The notion that there is only one sort of reality – and that this is known to the person leveling the charge, but not to the one receiving it – is one of the silliest ideas in all literature.

What do you call a song about a song?

a song about a song, is a song about a song. What else is there to say about that topic?

How can you make good jokes that people will laugh at?

get some ideas from friends or get a joke book or do a bit of people watching in the local shopping mall, people do the silliest things, and u can then tell them on, i think when a joke is about something real,and that we can all emphathise with it turns out akll the better!! worth a try see what u thnk

How do you use quiered in a sentence?

Here are some examples: „What is the purpose of an elbow?“ Martin quiered. He was always asking the silliest of questions. Frank quiered Jessica’s motives for waking up early that day, as she was usually not awake until eleven. I quiered the success of Obama’s latest plan. It seemed that something was wrong with it from the start.


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