Why Google Shopping is Important For a New E-commerce Website

These days, everyone shops online. Whether it’s new furniture, clothing, or the latest gadget, buying it online is so much faster and more convenient. However, with so many e-commerce sites competing for attention, it can be hard to find a way to stand out and reach new customers.

Fortunately, technology is here to help online retailers as well as shoppers. Enter Google Shopping Ads .

Today we want to dive into this tool – how it works and why you need it – so that you can start making money from your e-commerce site faster and more reliably.

What is Google Shopping?

If you’re trying to look for a particular product online, chances are that you’ll use a search engine to find it. Considering that Google still dominates the bulk of searches, it makes sense that most shoppers will go there first.

Google Shopping has been around since 2002, but it’s become a lot more streamlined in the years since. Now, if you search for a particular product (i.e., mittens), sites that sell the product will come up, as well as pictures from online retailers.

If you hit the shopping tab of your search, you’ll be able to compare prices and options, all without leaving Google. Once you find what you want, you can click on the ad, and you’re directed to the site’s landing page.

Simply put, Google Shopping is a paid advertising service (like AdWords) that allows online retailers to include images and prices in their ads. By incorporating these elements and allowing shoppers to compare options without having to go to individual sites, this tool has transformed the way that people shop online.

Why You Need Google Shopping

As you can imagine, having this kind of access to potential customers is incredible. Let’s break down a few of the primary reasons why you should be using it.

Less Work

Because the images and links that pop up are paid advertising, you don’t have to put in all the hard work you would usually to get organic SEO. Trying to reach the top ranking for something common (still using mittens) can be time-consuming, and it may never pay off. However, getting to the front page of Google Shopping is much easier to do. Whenever someone wants new mittens, your digital storefront will be listed along with the competition, all without having to obsess over things like keywords and NAPs on your site pages.

More Traffic

According to recent research, Google Shopping ads have a much higher conversion rate than traditional text ads. Better yet, you can combine your other pay-per-click campaigns with Google Shopping to get the most from the search engine.

Because people can see your products and your prices immediately, your site traffic will increase substantially. Also, since customers are already primed to know what to expect and how much to pay, the odds of making a sale are far higher as well.

Stay Competitive

Spending money on a pay-per-click campaign can seem expensive, but don’t think of it as a sunken cost – it’s an investment on your company’s success. Also, think of it this way; if you don’t get onto Google Shopping, what’s stopping your competitors from edging you out? If no one sees your site on the comparison page, how will anyone know to shop from you?

Overall, you will have to work a lot harder to get the same results if you didn’t capitalize on Google Shopping. While it can feel more satisfying to grow your audience organically, chances are that you don’t have the time or resources to make that happen.

How to Use Google Shopping

Although we won’t get into the nitty-gritty, here are the basics for using this platform.

Create a Google Merchant Center Account: getting started is easy, and you can be up and running in no time.

Optimize Your Images: captivating pictures are going to drive more traffic, so avoid anything that looks too sterile or stock photo-ish.

Input Your Product Data: 더킹카지노 Google needs to understand how to categorize your products, so here is where you can incorporate keywords to facilitate better placement in searches.

Link Merchant Center to Google AdWords: if you don’t have an AdWords account already, you will have to set one up first.

Create a New Shopping Campaign: you can choose which products will be advertised in which countries and how much you’re willing to spend. Pick a goal (i.e., sales) and launch the campaign.

Figure Out a Bid Strategy: 코인카지노 to stay competitive, you need to know how much to spend on each click. It’s probably best to have Google optimize this for you, based on your daily budget and goals.

Bottom Line: Google Shopping is the Future of E-commerce

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in business a while, Google Shopping can help you maintain an edge over the competition and ensure that your brand succeeds. The learning curve is relatively slim, so you can see how well it works for you in no time.

Mike Patel is a digital marketing enthusiast, innovator and President of a leading Digital and E-commerce Development Agency in Dallas, 007카지노 Texas. Mike holds a BS, Computer Science degree from Wayne State University and is a key player in the E-commerce development and digital marketing industry since 2004. The scope of technology in his extensive experience of more than 15 years ranges from Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) management, E-commerce SEO, Google Shopping Ads and more.