What is the cutist puppy ever? – Answers.com

In my opinion the tea cup chihuahua puppy. It is the CUTTEST puppy EVER!!!!!!!

Who are the cutist dogs?

Chestnut, Swietiee,and Kiko! They are awsome and cool!

What is the most cutist dog?

yours if u have seen them lol xx

When can you teach your puppy tricks?

When ever you feel and the puppy is ready to do tricks teach it

Which one of the Jonas Brothers are cutist?

I’d Say Nick, But That’s Really Your Own Opinion =]

How much do you feed an 8 week old puppy?

It usually will tell you on the back of the puppy chow bag or what ever puppy food you are feeding it.

Is precious pet cottage a puppy mill?

i got my dog ‚ABBY‘ there she precious and no they are totally i would never pay for a puppy at a puppy mill no they are not a puppy mill they are the kindest best place ever

What is the biggest puppy ever?

I would say my puppy copper because he is a chocolate lab and 고양이 행동 weighs about 95 pounds and he is 9 months old the mastiff puppy

What is the mostCutest and smallest puppy in the world?

The most cutest and smallest puppy in the world has to be a Yorkshire Terrier because if you look at pictures of the smallest and cutest puppy ever designed. If you were gonna get a puppy, pick a Yorkshire Terrier.

What is the cutist Pokemon?

Since this is opinion based, you may get different answers from one’s opinion, but for 대형 강아지 종류 me, I always thought Mew was the cutest.

Have you ever had a puppy?

random eggs the best song evah

How many pets has Jimmy Carter ever had?

he had a pony and a puppy.

Can children catch a disease from a puppy?

Not unless the puppy is very very sick and even then, most diseases a puppy can get are not transferable to humans. Canine to human pathogens are rare. The benefits of a puppy /child relationship far outweigh the dangers of the child ever getting sick from interacting with a puppy.

Has anyone ever gotten a puppy from Santa for Christmas?

Many people are given puppy’s as presents at Christmas, but, remember a puppy isn’t just for Christmas!

How much should a border collie puppy be feed?

We have found they feeding are border puppy two small bowls aday is ample amount she is hyper and playful as any puppy I have ever owned hope this helps

Is Justin Bieber the cutist boy?

It’s a opinion. There might be someone else more cute/hot than Justin Bieber. It depends on who you think it is.

Who runs puppy mills?

Many people run puppy mills. If you ever go to a petshop named „pets of bel air“ , DO NOT BUY A PUPPY THERE UNLESS YOU ARE A VET WORKER. There they sell puppies from puppy mills. Sick minded, no hearted, retards that should no whatb it feels like.

What if you don’t get your puppies shots?

Your puppy could catch a bad disease and die. Without shots the puppy shouldn’t ever go outside and never be around any other animals. They really need the puppy shots to protect them.

How big are penguins when they are born?

they are really small have u ever had a puppy when there first born? That is the size of them

What is the smallest word ever said?

The smallest word in the world is A; For example thr dog had a puppy

Can a 4 month old male puppy produce puppies?

No don’t ever try until 1years old . No. A four-month-old puppy is not physically mature enough to mate.

Are puppy mill the same as factory farms?

YES YES YES don’t ever buy from a puppy farm, mill or factory. dogs are not cared for in puppy farms and femals are normally bread to young and have to many litters. the only way we can stop this is TO NOT BUY FROM A PUPPY FARM. if you want to find out more go to the kennel club website.

Is puppy a long e word?

no because it does not have an e in it so it can’t be. who ever asked this is … never mind

Who is the cutist from Mindless Behavior?

it depends on what you would find as cute but many people like roc royal and princeton the most but i prefer ray ray. who knows? you might like prodigy

What is the most cutest webkinz ever?

All Webkinz are so cute! It’s your opinion which one’s cute. In my opinion I’d say Peace Puppy and Clover Puppy! Check those and more at the Webkinz Catalog!

If a boxer puppie has surgery can it die?

When ever a dog or puppy has surgery, 강아지 종류 there is always a chance it can die. Thanks ERIC

Travel by car with your newborn puppy?

no because first of all they can get sick and can fall out of what ever car truck etc.

Who boses Zac Efron think is the cutist girl?

not so shure but im hopin its vanessa bcuz 2 me she is the hottest girl alive.. not tryn 2 make u mad ZAC

What should you do if its your first puppy ever?

I’ll read books and articles on how to housetrain a puppy. The key to rock-solid housetraining is to start the day your pup comes home and stick with the program. Using a crate is the easiest method.

What is the cuttest puppy ever?

all puppies are the cutest it depend on the person and what kind they love I myself think chihuahuas are the cutest

Why do dogs hate squirrels?

some times dogs got hurt or attacked by a squirrel when they were a puppy and ever since they get pist at them

Why do puppies lose their puppy fur?

Its All Part of growing up for a puppy because their fur changes as they get older and its nothing to worry about ever dog goses through it and they cant feel it , it just generally happens over time.

Does Will still love you?

nobody could ever love you in the whole entire world. you are the ugliest person in the whole entire world you make my puppy scream for help. she cries in agony because she saw your ugly face nobody could ever love you in the whole entire world. you are the ugliest person in the whole entire world you make my puppy scream for help. she cries in agony because she saw your ugly face nobody…

Where can you get a cheap Maltese puppy in nc or NJ?

Try an animal shelter or rescue group. Start by searching on Petfinder. This will likely mean adopting an adult dog, as shelters and rescues seldom have puppies. But you have chosen one of the most expensive breeds to buy as a puppy … so do NOT count on ever finding a „cheap“ Maltese puppy.

How much children’s Tylenol do you give a puppy?

NEVER, EVER give Tylenol to a canine. The smallest dose can be deadly. To answer your question, NONE.

How can you play Webkinz?

Answer Yes. It is the awesomest game ever. Are u a Deluxe Member? I am! By the way, i 3 the luv puppy and luv kitty!

Miley Cyrus’s 16 birthday info?

It was awesome and she got her own recording studio and a puppy, she is the luckiest girl ever! NO SHE STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much would it be for a pit bull beagle mix puppy?

No idea since a breeder has ever produced such product from the canine world.

Can dogs make you sick because ever since the puppy was born my 6 year old sister has been getting him a lot and ever since she’s got stomachaches?

Only if your allergic to dogs

What is the name of the green puppy on Blues clues?

…Green Puppy. The Green puppy is named „Green Puppy“.

How has the puppy been killed?

the puppy got killed by a dragonfly that breathed fire on the puppy and the puppy died

What is the clip word of a puppy?

There is no clip word for puppy its is a puppy

Is Royal Puppy Palace a puppy mill?

any puppy store puppies are from a puppy mill. When you buy a puppy from a puppy mill- you are sending the money you just spent to that puppy mill and making it stronger. please just adopt a dog in need.

Will a person ever get over their first love?

Yes. There is a lot of life between the first love that is puppy love and true adult love.

Is it better to dewclaw a puppy or not?

Dogs need their claws and I highly doubt you would ever find a vet to declaw them. This is only done in cats.

How much does a paddington terrier cost?

I got my beautiful Paddington Terrier as a rescue puppy, so he was free. The best dog I have ever owned.

How do you put your puppy on the daily puppy?

Well, you should visit the Daily Puppy site, or contact them. Maybe they have a contest to see which puppy will be on the cover of The Daily Puppy.

Difference between female puppy and male puppy?

A female puppy can have babbies (if not neutered), and a male puppy cannot…

What is a puppy kiss?

When a puppy licks you, that’s considered a puppy kiss.

How can you have a calm puppy?

Show the puppy affection and be calm around the puppy

What is best for a dog to eat if they are a puppy?

Puppy formula or puppy food


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