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Release date: January 17th 2020

Format: 320kbit/s, mp3

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Mura Masa R.Y.C mp3 songs list:

1 Raw Youth Collage

2 No Hope Generation

3 I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again

4 A meeting at an oak tree

5 Deal Wiv It

6 vicarious living anthem

7 In My Mind

8 Today

9 Live Like We’re Dancing

10 Teenage Headache Dreams

11 (nocturne for strings and a conversation)

Mura Masa offers exposed information on his sophomore recording Ur. Y. C (Raw Youth Collection). It arrives The month of january seventeen by way of Polydor/Anchor Point. The statement includes the release of the brand new song known as „No Wish Era. “ Flow that beneath, and also check out the complete tracklist for that recording, that functions appearances by Tirzah, Atlanta, slowthai, and Clairo (that sings about the formerly released solitary „I Don’t Believe I can Do this Again“).

Mura Masa’s self-titled debut was released within 2017. He’s carrying out only at that year’s Pitchfork Songs Festival London, that takes place through Oct 31 in order to November two at los angeles Grande Halle de la Villette. Seats are available now. Find his upcoming tour dates beneath, as well. Discover much more seats right here. (Pitchfork might generate the fee through purchases created through affiliate marketer links upon the site.)

Mura Masa offers announced his brand new album R. Y. C. After exploding out of the UNITED KINGDOM underground towards the mainstream mindful together with his 2017 self-titled album that showcased titles like Charli XCX, NAO, Jamie Lidell & Damon Albarn and nominated for a Grammy, there’s now pressure to reside up those high expectations.

The Uk beatmaker will continue along with a few big features, however focusing on rising superstars such as Slowthai and Clairo. The LP is affected through Derrida’s concept of hauntology and also the paradox of the digital globe as well as increased urbanization, where it may really feel extremely lonely among cities associated with millions. Additionally, it explores how nostalgia grabs the generation.

„This project is supposed in order to discover the type of requirement associated with nostalgia as well as escapism which I’ve seen in my own existence, however furthermore within the lives of my personal friends as well as peers, “ states Mura Masa in a statement. „If the story from the recording is an exploration of the questions close to that require, then ‘No Hope Generation’ is actually the explanation for that require. It’s designed being an anthem to anxiousness, but also an verification of the tongue within cheek strategy that many people my personal grow older need to the universal struggles of coming of age in the twenty-tens. „.

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