Water filters – Water filters for domestic installation


Useful elements of water installations are water filters which allow to remove various chemical components that deteriorate its quality. This is where you will find all the devices and elements for softening or treating. Get special cartridges and accessories for your water filters!

A water filter is not only a way to get extremely clean water. You can also reduce its hardness. Thanks to this your dishes, small appliances will serve you longer. You will quickly see the difference when the stone stops settling on the bathroom ceramics. You will also extend the life of your equipment such as a washing machine or dishwasher. Hard water can have a very negative impact on these devices.

The water filter for home installation can be used in many different ways. It affects the purity of water and softens it. It also protects against the ingress of contamination resulting from e.g. failure of the water supply system. All this results in a longer life of your household appliances and has a positive impact on your health.


Contrary to appearances, few elements determine the purity of water. In our offer you will find everything you need to improve its quality. A water filter is the most basic element of the system. It is usually installed directly in the building. Take advantage of the wide range of bodies that you mount directly on the pipe.

Before you buy a water softener, check its hardness using products from our offer. Water testers will help you to choose the right elements to create your own system. It can consist of filters and water softeners mounted directly on the pipes. Our offer also includes independent products for water treatment in the form of filter jugs. Choose ready-made sets as well.

If you want your water filter for your home installation to work properly, make sure to replace the cartridges regularly. Only then will you ensure effective filtration. The water filter cartridges in our range match the products you will find in our range.

We also offer you the chemistry you need for maintenance. It will keep your water softener working reliably and much longer. You will also find salts that affect water hardness. This comprehensive offer will allow you to create a very effective system to improve the quality of water in your home.


At home, in a restaurant or office, you can use the right water filter so that the tap water can be drunk without any fear or need to boil it. A water filter for the house will reduce the flow of harmful substances that may enter the water supply system. Not only will it increase the quality of the water itself, but it will make it possible for you to drink it without boiling. Thanks to appropriate cartridges, e.g. corded, mineralizing, de-ironing, coal or polypropylene, you can change the chemical state of water supplied from waterworks accordingly.

With a water softener you will improve its washing, washing and care properties by lowering its hardness due to mineralization. A water softening filter will increase the life of kitchen and laundry appliances. The stone will not settle in the devices, thus avoiding their frequent failures.


The wide range of Castorama shops offers the right water installation elements that you can use for water treatment. Thanks to special kits you will be provided with a ready-made reverse osmosis or sub-sink filter system. The last one is easy to mote and use for water treatment.

Reverse osmosis is otherwise known as hyperfiltration.Thanks to the use of a special membrane, the reverse osmosis filter allows the separation of asbestos, algae, rust, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals (lead, silver and many others) and organic molecules, which include chlorine, barium, copper, nitrogen and selenium salts. Here you will also find the skirting boards and special keys, as well as salt for water softening or washing machine filters.


The use of home water treatment filters makes it possible to drink tap water quite safely. The right water filters will remove chlorine and organic impurities from the water, giving you an excellent alternative to bottled water. This means saving money and time.

Water softener is a device that will improve its chemical properties so that all detergents will become more efficient – shampoo more money and less soap and washing powder will be needed.

If you don’t want to install any filters in your house, but still want to use tap water, reach for the jugs. They filter water, are convenient to use and cheap. They also do not require installation. All you have to do is pour water into them and they will filter it themselves before pouring it into the glass. This is a very convenient solution when you cannot make changes to the water network in the building…

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