Halal Restaurants in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an international city that acts as an economic hub in Asia. Hong Kong is a crucible of many cultures that ranges from East to West. Chinese, English, South East Asian, Indian and many other cultures. As a result there is a huge variety of cuisines in Hong Kong. If you live in Hong Kong or if you visit Hong Kong for a trip of business or pleasure, there is a huge variety of cuisines for you to try.There are many different kinds of foods but one of the most sought after foods in the city is Indian and particularly South Indian cuisine.

Indian foods are famous for the masala and the curry that it makes. Although it looks like a slight overdose of spices, the spices are added to make the food wholesome and healthy. Inclusion of ginger and garlic, makes the food easily digestible. The addition of spices like pepper, cardamom makes it tasty. The inclusion of curry leaves, brinji leaves makes the food flavourful. The additions of handground masala makes the whole food give a unique culinary experience for you. If you want to enjoy tasty Indian food in Hong Kong, Anjappar is the best place.

If you are a South Indian foodie, then you should definitely visit Anjappar. It provides a variety of cuisines too. So, as a family, you can enjoy the tastes of many places. The North Indian signature dishes like Butter chicken, Paneer butter masala will quench your hunger for North Indian food restaurants near me foods. The addition f Tandoori varieties like Naan, roti, phulka etc., makes you to have a wholesome North Indian experience. At the same time, Anjappar is best known for the South Indian dishes that it makes. The chefs have over the time, mastered the perfect South Indian recipe that are tasty to your tongue and safe to your stomach. The restaurant uses fresh supply of spices that it sources from India and prepares delicious food that are fresh.

You and your family will enjoy Anjappar more if you relish non-vegetarian dishes. The different varieties of Chicken, mutton, fishes and other sea food that the restaurant makes will fill not only the stomach but also your hearts. The taste will surely linger in your mouth for a long time and make the whole dinner memorable for your family. Many vegetarians have an aversion when it comes to visiting restaurants that specialises in non-vegetarian cuisines. However, at Anjappar, you need not worry as the foods are prepared in specialised utensils that segregate vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. If you are religious and want to have only foods that are prepared as per the halal standards, then you need not look any further.Anjappar is one of the Best Halal Restaurants in Hong Kong. All meat products are prepared as per the halal standards and you can eat the food without any inhibition.

Moreover, the ambience of the restaurant is specially tailored to meet the expectations of a wide range of people like youth, family members and even senior citizens. So, what are you waiting for?

Visit Anjappar restaurant at Hong Kong today. Or, if you are too tired to walk in, you can also check the website to order dishes to your house or work place. The addition of delivery service and free delivery service after a minimum order amount makes your life easy and simple.