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Release date: January 10th 2020

Format: mp3, 320k/s

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Kesha High Road mp3 songs list:

1. Tonight

2. My Own Dance

3. Raising Hell

4. High Road

5. Shadow

6. Honey

7. Cowboy Blues

8. Resentment

9. Little Bit Of Love

10. Birthday Suit

11. Kinky

12. Potato Song (Cuz I Want To)

13. BFF

14. Father Daughter Dance

15. Chasing Thunder

Kesha is back! Two yrs after their US amount one album „Rainbow“, typically the US superstar is starting a brand new record with „High Road“. When again, the 32-year-old Californian proves her undisputed position as a modern place icon, who with a good unique mixture of ground-breaking spirit, relentless humor, quick-witted songwriting and lots of heart usually gives her fans coming from all over the globe great pleasure.

On the woman fourth album „High Road“, the follow-up to typically the Grammy-nominated longplayer „Rainbow“, Kesha presents herself as a possible performer on an enjoyable musical technology journey towards self-awareness. For your implementation of her musical technology ideas, she engaged a select group of collaboration partners, songwriters and producers, including John Hill, Dan Reynolds, Stuart Crichton, Jeff Bhasker, Drew Pearson, Brian Wilson, Sturgill Simpson, Nate Ruess, Justin Tranter, Stint, Wrabel and Pebe Sebert.

The range regarding the album ranges coming from the most heavenly grand to emotional lows. Typically the focus of the completely is definitely Kesha’s courageous, confident style, in combination along with brilliant > > Farreneheit ** k Off < < one liners, party floor grooves and a few reminders that haters have to not be given thus much attention. On many rap-influenced songs, she displays her skills as some sort of textual firearm, on some other tracks, folk elements are available into play.

„High Road“ is rounded off with a dream pop ode to friendship and a thoughtful ballad about growing up without a father.

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