Tips to Choose a 6-seater Dining Table

A 6-seater dining table set is suitable for a large family of more than four people. These dining sets are also perfect for a small gathering or a private dinner party. The right ensemble will be a great combination of class, style and longevity. It adds to the ambience of the dining hall, sets the mood and brings life to the room.

Choosing the right 6-seater dining table set online or offline will depend on the quality of material, shape, style and budget. There are various styles and designs to suit the tastes of different customers. A properly chosen 6-seater dining table and chairs can last for years and can be a true value for your money. Here are some tips to choose a proper dining set for a big family.


As far as materials are concerned, wood is the most reliable material for home furniture as it can last for years and has a very classic appeal that never goes old. However, there are other materials as well like glass, metal, marble or stone and wicker.

A dining table set which is 6-seater and made from teak wood should be accompanied by wooden chairs, with or without upholstery. A 6-seater wooden dining table set can have various styles that can be known from the leg designs. Many owners prefer glass-topped tables for their dining rooms. They can look quite stylish, yet can be a little difficult to maintain, although easy to clean. A dining table set which is 6-seater can have a marble top and metal base, along with sleek metal chairs. Metal and marble are sturdy materials and those sets can promise good longevity.

The choice of the material should depend on your budget, usage and personal style. For families with kids, glass can be a high-risk material as it is prone to damage. A solid wood 6-seater dining table set can be the perfect choice for those who love classic style. Metals are long-lasting and inexpensive, which can satisfy those on a budget. Marble dining table set that is 6-seater can be expensive, yet very unconventional and last for decades. You can check out different online stores and furniture shops in your city to find the best dining table set that is 6-seater at the lowest price. Thus, decide on the material of choice.

Shape and Size

A dining table which is 6-seater size is usually oval or rectangular in shape to allow maximum space on the table top. You may buy a complete ensemble of 6-seater dining table with chairs like the Avavia set from Aprodz, or go for a lone table and add the dining chairs later on to complete the set.

The size of your table and shape should also depend on the available space in the room. Usually, large families who opt for a dining table set 6-seater in India love to dine together and have a room big enough to accommodate the set. You should always take care that there is enough space between the table and the chairs for easy movement of legs. Also, there should be a gap of about 30 inches between the furniture and the wall to allow movement around the room.

A dining table that is 6-seater can have different dimensions depending on the shape. Most rectangular dining table set which is 6-seater found in cities like Bangalore can be around 60 inches in length and 30 inches in height. Modern dining table sets that are 6-seater can have slightly varying dimensions as the designs can differ.

A 6-seater round dining table, though not so popular, can be a good choice if the room is not very spacious. The round shape will offer more space for movement around the room.

Design and Styles

A 6-seater dining table and chair set can come in various designs and meja makan multifungsi styles. If you are planning to buy the table separately, you can find the dining table set which is 6-seater having stylish leg designs. You can match the patterns and carvings when adding the dining chairs to the ensemble.

A 6-seater wooden dining table set can have leg styles like cabriole, spindle, tapered etc. The different leg styles impart the unique style to each design. There can be several styles of 6-seater dining table & chairs. Classic styles are suitable for any kind of decor and they are timeless. Contemporary dining table set that is 6-seater in Hyderabad shops can be perfect for urban home-owners. Rustic and industrial styled sets are for those who want to experiment with their furnishings and love edgy decor.

There are different chair designs and styles as well. The choice of the chair should depend on the design of the table and the decor of your home. A 6-seater dining table with fabric chairs or with upholstery can be matched to other upholsteries in the house. You can match it with the colour scheme of the room as well. For e.g, for a blue or white-walled room, you can create a soft contrast by opting for a 6-seater dining table and chairs in grey. Many stores which let you check dining table set 6-seater with price in India, offer different styles of ensembles like a 6-seater dining table set with a bench. Such an assembly can be space saving and stylish. The benches usually accommodate two people and there are four chairs accompanying the table.

A dining room is never complete without a proper dining table. So, before making a buying decision, weigh all your options carefully and choose the one that suits your requirement. If you are open to buying from online stores, check out website which is one of the popular online furniture stores in India. You can find a great collection of 6-seater dining table sets with the price and customizing options.