Bigfish Games Releases The Legend Of Sanna

The night would be capped served by a champion vs. champion match, as „Mr. Showtime“ Scot Summers would defend the NWA Houston Championship against the recognized independent wrestling World Champion, Tim Storm. Also, former championship partners collided, as Ken Carson faced Joey Diamond in a match where one among the former Impeccable members could well forced to recover from NWA Austin.

This past Friday night in Cypress, NWA Houston held a 1 hour night tournament to declare a new #1 Contender to Jaykus Plisken and also the NWA Lonestar Championship. A visit of the tournament will get a title shot, but will have to wait until Plisken faces NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce on October 14 in the Cypress VFW.

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Summers then turned his attention towards the recent feud between NWA Houston Outlaw Champion SIlky Baines along with the monstrous Jayukus Plisken. Summers looked down at Tugboat Taylor, who has been at ringside, and asked him point blank had you been would Silky have to conquer Plisken. Silky beat Plisken in May at „Shut Up & Wrestle,“ to retain the Outlaw Title but was informed though have to put Plisken down one longer in Cypress. Then Summers took his attention into the often-crazed Jen-Alise. She has been around middle belonging to the NWA Houston Women’s Title picture for quite some time, and Summers noted that and told everybody that she should emerge as one facing Tasha Simone for the NWA World Women’s Title, and not Barbi Hayden.

Winding down the top ten list number nine takes it to „kiss918 pc version“ through the album kiss918 pc kind. This song sums down the wild ride Kiss is on, with all the face paint and becoming the greatest show which is.

If are you a good scare, the Halloween Haunt is anyone! Due to the scare factor and gruesomeness, this event is not advised for children under 14.

There is likewise title matches galore, as NWA Houston Women’s Champion Barbi Hayden gets a large opportunity. Your girl friend will challenge current NWA World Women’s Champion Tasha Simone for her title. Barbi will hopefully get a vacation from recent battles with Jen-Alise and Luscious, as she looks to be a World King.