Movies Coming Soon – Catfish

One of the new movies coming soon, „Catfish“, is a scary, if somewhat hard to believe, documentary about a scammer on Face book. But everyone knows that Internet dating can be a scary deal. The Internet is peppered with sad stories of people in love being cheated by sneaky admirers on matchmaking websites and email. Now that Face book has become the most visited Internet website in the world, the pool of potentially evil romantic scammers has risen in numbers exponentially.

Box Office Movie, Catfish, directed by Ariel Schulman and mom boy xxx Henry Joost, is all about what happens when someone weaves a tangled web of romantic duplicity on Face book.

At the start, a 24 year old photographer from New York, named Nev, has begun a correspondence with a little girl from Michigan named Abby, who’s an art prodigy. Nev, by the way, is the brother of director Schulman. Nev begins emailing 8 year old Abby and the correspondence then moves to Face book. At this point Nev begins talking to Abby’s adult half-sister, Megan. This is when the story really begins.

Megan is a model, dancer, and singer-songwriter, an almost unbelievably talented young woman. The connection between Nev and Megan becomes extremely intense very quickly in this new movie release. Nev is constantly either following Megan on Face book so he can obsessively click through her photos, listen to music or spend hours over her status updates or messages on her wall. Late in the evening they pursue their long distance relationship, talking about all the naughty things they’re going to do should they ever get to meet. Megan lives in Michigan – far from Nev in New York.

After a while, Nev begins putting two and two together and realizes that something isn’t right with Megan. She obviously isn’t being honest about herself. He starts adding up all the little things that make him think she’s being duplicitous and soon a mountain has grown out of a molehill of information. Nev decides to hook up with a crew of documentary filmmakers and go find Megan in Michigan and confront her with his suspicions.

Just about now the viewer is going to start wondering about the honesty of this documentary. It’s just not quite right that three educated New Yorkers fell for Megan’s story. You also wonder why Nev, who’s not too bad looking, can’t find a mate in New York, rather than having to go all the way to Michigan to find his perfect woman.

The documentarians act absolutely shocked at the discover of what Megan is really like and it’s pretty obvious that they’re excited about having found a more intriguing subject for a documentary than an eight year old painting prodigy.

It turns out that the story of Megan is a darned good scam. The real excitement of upcoming movie, „Catfish“, is the difference between what Megan is perceived to be like and who Megan really is.

If anymore is given away, the story will be ruined so it has to stop here. Go see Catfish a film on the new movies list. It’ll put the „fear of God“ into Face Book users. For more information visit at moviesoffice. If you have any questions about where and how to use xxx mom son fuck HD movies, you can make contact with us at the web-site. com.