How To Enhance The Security Of Your WordPress Website?

About WordPress in brief:

One of the most popular blogging and CMS systems on the Internet, WordPress has emerged as an extremely favorite target for the hackers. If you have a WordPress website, it is mandatory that you take some extra efforts so as to ensure high security of data for you and your visitors.

In this article we provide a summary of some of the best practices you need to follow for securing your WordPress website. It is important to note that you won’t get a 100% security against attempted hacking of your website. This is simply because such a thing as a 100% website does not exist. However, these tips will help you protect your website to a certain extent.

Keep your WordPress plugins and website up-to-date

It is of the utmost importance that your WordPress plugins and core site files are kept updated to the latest version. Security patches are commonly available in these latest updated versions. Although each of these vulnerabilities cannot be exploited time and time again, it is nevertheless important to have these errors rectified.

Protect the Admin area of your WordPress site

Access to the admin area of your WordPress website should ideally be restricted only to those individuals who actually need to use it. If front-end content creation and registration are not supported by your website, then there is no way your visitors can access the wp-login.php file or /wp-admin/ folder. The best thing to be done is acquire the home IP address and add them to the .htaccess file of your WordPress admin folder. You will come across something like xxx porn HD FREE which should be replaced with the IP address.

Do not set your username to „Admin“

It is a common practice among site owners to have their admin username set to „admin.“ A lot of unwanted brute-force attacks can be easily blocked if you give a different username to your admin account. While installing a new WordPress site, the installation process will ask you for a new username. For existing users, there are certain steps to be followed for changing the name, details of which can be found on numerous tutorials around the Internet.

Your WordPress site should have a high password strength

This may come as a surprise for you but there are a number of people who use passwords such as „123456“ or „password“ for their admin accounts. It goes without saying that it is very easy to guess such „weak“ passwords and they normally appear at top position of any dictionary that deals with cyber attacks. A good tip would be using an entire sentence that is sensible to you but not to others, and something you can remember with ease. It is a much better and „stronger“ alternative than the single phrase passwords.

Ensure you are working with a malware and virus-free computer

If you are working with a system that is infected by malicious software or virus, it can give access to a potential hacker as they will get hold of your login details. As a result, they will gain a valid login on to your website and bypass each and every security measure that you may have ever taken. This is why it is important to have an up-to-date anti-virus program and ensure complete security measure of all computers you use for gaining access to the higher levels of your WordPress website.

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