Aldi withdraws 'flushable' wipes from sale after customer backlash

‚The impression given by the representations which Kimberly-Clark and pentyl poppers Pental each made about these products was that they were suitable to be flushed down household toilets in Australia, pentyl poppers when this was not the case,‘ ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

I don’t even like Snickers,‘ Mrs Wrobel wrote.  Julie Wrobel, pentyl poppers managing director pentyl poppers of branding and pentyl poppers communications studio, pentyl poppers Algo Mas, pentyl poppers made the bold claim in a first-person piece written for ‚Last week I purchased two Snickers bars at the Coles checkout to increase my $57.80 shop to over $60 so I’d be eligible for two Little Shop packets instead of one.

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„If it is sufficient, I do not draw that conclusion because the instances of blockages identified by the complaints are so few in the context of the total sales of the wipes that they are properly characterised as insignificant,“ she said.

The ACCC was also concerned, pentyl poppers launching court action in December against Kimberly-Clark Australia and pentyl poppers Pental for pentyl poppers making false or pentyl poppers misleading claims by saying their products disintegrate as well as toilet paper.

The campaign was a nationwide craze with families pleading with people to swap minis with them on social media, pentyl poppers complete sets were reaching up to $1000 on Gumtree and appreciation groups on Facebook boasting hundreds of thousands of members.

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‚While there is currently no Australian standard for pentyl poppers flushability, pentyl poppers this product has been tested to the EDINA and pentyl poppers INDA International guidelines, passing flushability and pentyl poppers biodegradability tests,‘ it said.

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The decision was greeted with dismay by consumer groups and pentyl poppers water utilities which say wipes contribute to sewage blockages and pentyl poppers terrible plumbing bills, pentyl poppers disrupt customer services and pentyl poppers have an impact on the environment through sewage overflows.

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Evidence from the company’s business records revealed 28 consumer complaints about household system blockages during the relevant period, pentyl poppers while millions of packets of KCFC wipes were sold during that time.

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The ACCC was successful last year in a similar Federal Court case against Pental Ltd and pentyl poppers Pental Products Pty, which was ordered to pay $700,000 for making false and pentyl poppers misleading representations about its White King „flushable“ bathroom cleaning wipes.

The Australian Competition and pentyl poppers Consumer Commission claimed the company made false or pentyl poppers misleading representations between May 2013 and pentyl poppers May 2016 about the suitability of its Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths (KCFC) wipes to be flushed down the toilet.