Oxygen Has Potential Benefits As A Therapy For Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Though the overview challenged assertions about the clinical effectiveness of O2 therapy, the authors noted that there are pragmatic and technical challenges with this therapy. The costs related to buying, maintaining, and working the required gear might be an excessive amount of for patients. The use of a mask or nasal cannula can cause points, particularly in youngsters and when there are higher respiratory tract infections. Lastly, this therapy requires „commitment and scheduling.“ If patients usually are not receiving nocturnal therapy, they will want to hold equipment out of the home in the course of the day, which might be onerous.

Desk 11: Imply Endpoint and change from Baseline for 犀利士哪裡 the first Efficacy Variables in the 2 Main US Trials

Examine A Study B


(N=49) CIALIS 20 mg

(N=146) p-value Placebo

(N=48) CIALIS 20 mg

(N=159) p-worth

EF Area Score

Endpoint 13.5 19.5 13.6 22.5

Change from baseline -0.2 6.9 <.001 0.3 9.3 <.001

Insertion of Penis (SEP2)

Endpoint 39% 62% 43% 77%

Change from baseline 2% 26% <.001 2% 32% <.001

Maintenance of Erection (SEP3)

Endpoint 25% 50% 23% 64%

Change from baseline 5% 34% <.001 4% 44% <.001

Desk 17: Mean Endpoint and alter from Baseline for the primary Efficacy Variables in the 2 CIALIS for Once Daily Use Research

Research Ha Examine Ib


(N=94) CIALIS 2.5 mg

(N=96) CIALIS 5 mg

(N=97) p-worth Placebo

(N=54) CIALIS 5 mg

(N=109) p-worth

EF Area Score

Endpoint 14.6 19.1 20.Eight 15.0 22.8

Change from baseline 1.2 6.1c 7.0c <.001 0.9 9.7c <.001

Insertion of Penis (SEP2)

Endpoint 51% 65% 71% 52% 79%

Change from baseline 5% 24%c 26%c <.001 11% 37%c <.001

Maintenance of Erection (SEP3)

Endpoint 31% 50% 57% 37% 67%

Change from baseline 10% 31%c 35%c <.001 13% 46%c <.001

a Twenty-four-week study conducted in the US.

b Twelve-week study conducted outside the US.

c Statistically significantly different from placebo.