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Thus, the flag is split right into three sections -the leading, center and bottom.The factors why Americans chose to place a cross on their American flag have been discussed by numerous chroniclers. The end of the battle offered method to a brand-new beginning and so the symbol was taken off for a short time up until the white flag was elevated by Head of state Abraham Lincoln.There are some locations where you can buy American flags. There are even kits that you can obtainif you want to be able to make the American flag as well as have it at your house.One area where you can purchase American flags is on eBay.

Thus, the flag is split into 3 sections -the leading, center as well as bottom.The factors why Americans made a decision to put a cross on their American flag have been debated by lots of historians. The end of the war offered way to a new start as well as so the icon was taken […]