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19 Dez

Eight TV Buddy April Fools

Another fantastic thing about TV Buddy is so you can let your loved ones or friends see them, that you can stream your videos or photographs there. It can be annoying to lend your phone to check photos to people and they suddenly swiped for them to see, to a photograph that’s not. So with […]

18 Dez

You Will Thank Us – Ten Tips About TV Buddy You Need To Know

TV Buddy is a device that can be plugged in your TV today, so you can watch videos or your favorite TV show from the top streaming apps. To use this device, if the device is plugged into your TV so that you may use it, all you need to do is to download the […]

17 Dez

The Biggest Myth About TV Buddy Exposed

Watching on your smart phone or tablets‘ displays may be handy once you’re not at home or even when you are on your room. As your eyes will probably work to view everything on the 24, but sometimes, watching on a small screen may breed your eyes. Also, watching on a tiny screen could be […]